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This story killed me. Coco sounds fabulous.


I don’t think google gets enough credit sometimes

Frozen Fandom Asks


Hit up my ask box plz.

1) How many times have you seen the movie?

2) What was your first impression of Hans? Reaction to the reveal?

3) Who is your favorite character?

4) With which character do you most identify?

5) Who is more tragic, Anna or Elsa?

6) What’s your OTP?

7) What about an OT3?

8) Quick, give your one-sentence opinion of each ship: Kristanna, Hanna, Elsanna, Kristelsa, Helsa, and Hansoff.

9) If anything, what bothers you most about the movie?”

10) What is your favorite song from Frozen?

11) Which of the cut songs do you think would have added the most to the movie?

12) What sucked you into the fandom?

13) Who is your favorite Frozen blogger and what do you love about them?

14) Have you ever read “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson?

15) What is your favorite kind of AU?

16) Promo time: What is your favorite fanfic?

17) Favorite scene in Frozen?

18) What hit you the hardest on your first viewing?

19) Do you write fanfiction/draw fanart? What got you into it?

20) Least favorite character?

21) Does the cold ever bother you anyway?

22) Have you sung Let it Go in the shower?

23) Has something in the movie/in the fandom made you cry?

24) Is there a frozen ship you just don’t like?

25) Finish this statement with something you’re hoping for: “For the first time in forever, __________”

26) Favorite crack ship?

27) Best crossover?

28) Met any cool (HA) people through the fandom?

29) What do you like best about the fandom? What do you like the least?

30) Read any good smut lately? *winkwink*

You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.



If you get a message like this one DO NOT CLICK THE LINK because it’s a BIG FAT VIRUS.

I got 2 but I found it really strange so I didnt click thank god

Reblogging since I just got that message. I checked out the blog that sent it and turned out it been hacked, so watch out.


I genuinely don’t know what to say to people who hate ABBA like

if you change your mind

I’m the first in the line